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Steel Buildings: Three Basic Types


SteelThose days, more and more companies and individuals are turning to metal buildings as a matter of choice, not only because of the iron associated with the tradition of the granary and the vineyards of structures as such, but also offices, shops, sports and leisure facilities, garage, and short term rentals Prague. Iron offers advantages in the cost of buildings, flexibility and durability. Generally in steel buildings can be classified as either Quonset hut, or steel beam-1-type hybrid wood construction.

But it was developed by the U.S. Navy base at Quonset Quonset Point, Rhode Island, in the office, a versatile, lightweight building that could be easily shipped and assembled common operators. SELF-SUPPORTING steel Quonset from the series but do not require programming and other support structures, such as beams or columns. Design is incredibly simple - the sheets are laid over SELF-SUPPORTING porch. Its simplicity, these structures often causes them to look "metal barn." It is often better the more remote places of the metal building in the Quonset huts, ready to be transferred. This is that which can be increased with the addition of also of the need for cost-effective system running with the said part of their boundaries thereof. But there are disadvantages Quonset steel building will be receiving a high-arched door and the inability to put the sides.

Steel-beam buildings are the most common type of metal object. Most of what you have seen in their council, between the bones of iron to them grow up. I will take the floor the same as in the figure are the names of the head of the "I". They are effective as a form of vertical beam "web" element is resistant to shear forces, while horizontal "flanges" resist bending. Trusses are assembled from the 1-timbers, and then lifted up to the bolted in the state before the foundation of the building. 1-beam buildings are limited in power and able to accommodate the width of the plans are a hundred meters wide. Beams can be made in different colors and their construction is relatively fast. Section Blog to the wicked, so that the shape of this building, this construction cranes and a great light upon the earth, as well as to the internal vessels, which may lead to condensation.

Hybrid steel / wooden structures are, like I wood, steel structures, but beams called "purlins" and "gifts" running horizontal to the vertical steel beams that are attached after the trusses are made in the same place, and went into the concrete. Iron outside the building of the tree attached. hybrid allows greater flexibility in the surface materials. many external finishes, including Vinyl siding or bricks, shingles, it is possible and may be used for protection. forest interior can also be attached to the substrate. Disadvantages steel / wood hybrids because they are generally higher costs is complicated structure and is more heat.

These three structures have advantages and disadvantages with the sword of the future, but thanks to the enterprise technology is going to happen in the explanations it may be well with iron roofs and other construction of the project, whether they are to the needs of utility, aesthetic and ecological.